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Meghess Swart

is a breast prosthetis and bra fitting prosthetist who consults, measures and fit post mastectomy, post lumpectomy and post reconstruction surgery patient’s who may need an external breast prosthesis and bra to provide symmetry and femininity after breast cancer surgery.

Meghess Swart is a registered and qualified lymphedema therapist under LAOSA (The Lymphedema association of South Africa) and provide the treatment for patients diagnosed with post mastectomy lymphedema.

Meghess Swart  also provides post mastectomy lymphedema compression garments for the arm if swelling occurs at any stage after surgery or radiation treatment.

As a woman running my own practice I consult, measure and fit the ladies in a feminine and peaceful environment before and after the mastectomy or lumpectomy has been performed.

What we Offer?

Meghess Swart provide an overall service for a variety of injuries and causes. This includes devices needed pre and post surgery, sport braces, various home nursing devices, compression garments that include stockings for the upper and lower limb as well as everyday injury and assistive bracing. We also cover bracing in preventative fashion


Meghess Swart offers a unique service to ladies that had undergone either a mastectomy or a lumpectomy after diagnosis of breast cancer. She is always available with expert advise.

This includes a relaxed environment for fitting of external breast prosthesis and bra’s. Ladies with a bigger bust size can be offered a choice of correct fitted bra’s to support their need.

Our Approach.

As a practice that was formed in the Pretoria Moot and Pretoria West area we strive to provide any person who steps through our door with a comfortable atmosphere of service as well as an honest approach in the service we provide. We allow our patients a choice in product availability by means of price and various supplier products. In order for us to provide a different approach to the Orthotic and Prosthetic practice we offer competitive prices, and make an effort to arrange payment from your medical aid. Products are available at our practice in different sizes and styles, but arrangement for special order products can also be made.


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“As a woman running my own practice I consult, measure and fit the ladies in a feminine and peaceful environment before and after the mastectomy or lumpectomy has been performed.
Ladies are welcome to arrange an appointment with me anytime from 3 days post operative, to obtain information on the road ahead or to be fitted with a soft temporary breast prosthesis. On consultation the entire treatment plan for the future is discussed and samples of the external breast prostheses is shown as well as the beautiful and wide range of mastectomy bra’s.
Once full healing has occurred, from 6 weeks post operative, the lady may be fitted with the external breast prosthesis and mastectomy bra. I arrange all necessary authorization with your medical aid, making the process more comfortable for you. Ladies will also be kept in the know on when they can be fit with new bra’s in the following year. The breast prosthesis has a natural look and feel and can even be placed in a range of mastectomy costumes for swimming. You as a woman can and will feel feminine and elegant again!”
Meghess Swart

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